Tips dan Trik Billiard [Ketepatan Pukulan]

8 Oktober 2011

If you are just learning the game of pool, you should develop a good bridge. By being able to wrap your index finger around the shaft of the cue stick, you will be able to restrain many of the vibrations of the shaft, as well as prevent the tip from deflecting off the cueball when using top or side spin. This may not seem important now, but as your game improves, it will become increasing critical. Here is one way to start.

1) First, place your hand flat on the table. Turn your hand so that your fingers are pointing toward one o'clock. (These photos were taken from the side. Your view will be different.)

2) Lay the stick across your thumb knuckle, and across the second knuckle of your middle finger.

Tips dan trik billiard
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