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25 Maret 2012

Sule Dont Cry - Download dan 
Lirik Lagu Sule "Don't Cry"

Sule Don't Cry - Mendengar lagu ini saat Sule dan Andre menyanyikan lagu di acara OVj, membuat penasaran ingin mendengarkan terus. Lagu yang berjudul "Don't cry" ini ternyata lagu terbaru dari Sule. Dan Sule mengajak duet sang Calon Walikota Gagal Andre :) untuk menyanyikan lagu Don't Cry. Lirik lagu Don't Cry ini cukup asik karena campuran Bahasa Inggris dan pasti ada unsur kocaknya.
sule dan andre

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Lirik Lagu Don't Cry - Sule

You want to say goodbye
I want to holiday
I give you food capcay
After dont cry

Try to look at the sky
Nothing to puyunghay
I want to you cingcay
Don't finish i ngacay

bridge :
I want you and me, always together.
Always together, i want you and me.
You dont running, me and the cry....

Reff :
For you.... i and the sky.
Nothing the of change, because i love you so much.
oh.. my love, my darling...
I to i love you...

Smile, you don't cry... 3x

Semoga bisa terhibur :)

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